Enhance maneuverability
and reduce tyre scrub


Why Steer? By equipping trailers with our light and robust ySteer technology, we enhance manoeuvrability and reduce tyre scrub. This translates to decreased tyre wear, lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and additionally fewer road and body damages.


Various studies and the industry leading VECTO Trailer Tool show that a tri-axle trailer with a steered axle can save up to 5% on fuel and up to 65% on tyres in urban and regional delivery use.
Every year, around five million trailer tyres are sold in Europe. Even though 40% of the European trailer fleet would be suitable for steering technology, only 15% currently use it. Fitting the remaining 25% with ySteer would save more than one million tyres every year!

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The all-roader

ySteer is a new generation of steering systems based on decades of field performance, rigorous endurance testing and endless Finite Element Analyses (FEA) – making it the lightest and toughest mechanical steering system on the market today. Fully robotized welding ensures the highest quality and the lightest weight at the lowest cost. It is suitable for both on- and off-road use, making it a true all-roader.

[ steeuh ]
verb (used without object), steered [steeuhd], steer·ing [steeuh·ruhng].
  1. to direct the course of a vessel, vehicle, airplane, or the like, by the use of a rudder or other means.

  2. to pursue a course of action.

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Building blocks

Like most great ideas, ySteer is as simple as it is smart. When the truck is turning, the steering motion is transmitted from a turntable above the kingpin to a turntable above the rear axle of the trailer by means of a rigid steering beam. The modular architecture with standardised building blocks makes it possible to purchase ySteer as a do-it-yourself kit. As a trailer manufacturer, you can mix-and-match the required variants yourself. The system consists of a kingpin unit, steering beam and axle unit.

Industry standard

  • Industry-standard interface with the trailer chassis to minimise engineering at the trailer manufacturer.
  • Industry-standard wear and tear parts to reduce downtime for the end-user.
  • Industry-standard steering geometry to keep a predictable steering behaviour and easing homologation.
  • Industry-standard spline bolts on critical connections to minimise the need for re-torquing and maintenance.

Kingpin unit

  • Kingpin unit suitable for loads up to 18 tonnes to handle cargo even under the toughest conditions.
  • Industry leading height of 91 mm to ensure the trailer neck height can be engineered to the bare minimum.
  • Forged and machined slewing bearing with hardened raceways to ensure smooth operation and unequalled lifetime.


Steering beam

  • Industry-first roll bending process to give the steering beam its required step and allow for a hollow rectangular tube to be used. The result: reduced welding, increased bending radius, and unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio. It can even replace double solid bars in extreme-duty applications!
  • Forged bearing head and larger diameter bearing journal to enhance durability.
  • Central greased radial spherical plain bearings to extend longevity.
  • Novel bearing clamping method to simplify maintenance. No special tools required when installing or removing the bearing from the journal.

Axle unit

  • Axle unit suitable for loads up to 10,5 tonnes, regardless of if your trailer is operated in smooth on-highway conditions or off-road.
  • Industry-first one-piece top plate ensures best-in-class flatness, to minimise undesired preload on the turntable and to ensure smooth running of the ball race.
  • Closed box-section side- and crossmembers, to increase rigidity significantly and enable the trailer manufacture to apply our sturdy suspension-to-frame bracing.

ySteer partners

At Econogy, we believe in the power of collaboration. ySteer has been developed by Econogy in partnership with Vlastuin for manufacturing, VDL Weweler for testing and Sterk for central greasing.

ySteer is co-funded by the European Union and the Dutch Province of Flevoland.