Bespoke R&D and
go-to-market assistance


Why Assist? Beyond our own product offerings, we stand ready to assist the trailer industry with bespoke solutions. Whether you need the seamless integration of ySteer and yDrive into a trailer chassis or a collaborative chassis design or undercarriage project, we’re your go-to experts. Our engineers utilize Inventor and HiCad, conducting Finite Element Analyses (FEA) with Ansys or Nastran, leveraging our in-house developed load profiles that draw from our 50 years of combined experience.

Furthermore, we’re dedicated to assisting like-minded companies in bringing their products to market, as long as they share our purpose of driving the road freight industry towards a more sustainable future. Join us in this exciting journey!

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  • Aperia is the creator of the Halo Tire Inflator, a self-powered automatic tyre inflation system (ATIS) that uses the wheel’s rotation to maintain optimal tire pressure.
  • With over one million tyres under management in America, deployed across a diverse range of fleet applications, Aperia’s tire technology has been proven and trusted.
  • Our expertise comes into play by designing a seamless integration into European wheels and hubs, guaranteeing efficient and reliable performance tailored to the European market.


  • Pomlead stands as the world’s second-largest manufacturer of lightweight forged aluminum wheels, based in China.
  • With a robust production capacity of four million wheels, Pomlead ensures consistent supply and quality.
  • Our dedicated team drives business development in the European market, ensuring their exceptional products reach a global audience.
[ uh-sist ]
verb (used without object), assisted [uh·si·stuhd], assist·ing [uh·si·stuhng]
  1. to give aid or help.